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    Renovation Landscaping will help you develop the landscape of your dreams, provide affordable maintenance, and give you tips on how to increase your property’s value with landscaping.

    Our Simple 3-Step Process

    Step 1

    Cleaning up the area/yard: includes grass and tree trimmings, weed pulling, sprinkler fixing, trash removal, and overall clearing.

    Step 2

    Make client’s dream a reality: Landscape visualization with client and provide consultation with extensive knowledge in landscape work. Then, create the landscape.


    Step 3

    Maintenance: We will provide continued maintenance to keep your newly renovated landscape clean and flawless.

    Top Services

    Lawn Care Services

    Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services.

    Landscaping Maintenance

    Must-have service that takes care of your yard from weed control, lawn service, trimmings, debris removal, and more.


    A well designed landscape that will increase the value of your property.

    Before and After

    Renovation Project (Before)

    Renovation Project (Before)

    Renovation Project (Before)

    Renovation Project (After)

    Renovation Project (After)

    Renovation Project (After)

    About Renovation Landscaping

    Message from the owner

    With over 14 years of experience in the landscaping industry, and my time at South Western College, I have been allowed the privilege of becoming knowledgeable in the fields of plant identification and horticultural science, PH levels in soil, water conservation management, pesticide management, and so much more. 

    I enjoy landscaping because I like to see satisfied customers at the end of each project. When arriving to a new clients house who isn’t happy with their yard,  and transform their yard to make their vision a reality, the joy it gives me is unforgettable. I’ve always loved the outdoors so it’s my pride and joy to maintain the investments and beauty of my clients yard. It’s no longer just a job but a passion that has developed across the years. 

    You may be asking yourself, why choose renovation landscaping?

    Renovation Landscaping is different because we value customer. input.

    Before the start of each project, the client and I discuss the love and hate of their yard, I suggest how to create some amazing views, providing a new fresh look to their property.

    Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

    Renovation Landscaping strives to keep our clients worry and stress free when working on their commercial or residential premise.

    Our goal with each project is to make new happy customers who will enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with their new landscape, because no yard is too big or too small for us to renovate! 

    Our Latest Landscape Projects

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